How To Prepare Your Home For Remote Working

How to Prepare Your Home for Remote Working

With the global coronavirus pandemic transforming the way we live our lives and move through the world, more and more businesses are transitioning to a work from home format.

While at first it may seem that there are disadvantages to the remote work lifestyle, studies have shown that in fact, remote workers are more productive than employees in traditional office settings.

So how do you prepare your home to accommodate for your new remote working lifestyle? Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors to consider- and how you can ensure that your remote work helps you to be productive, focused, and on target.

Upgrade Your Tech

When preparing for the transition from working in an office to working at home, one category if adjustments that you might not consider is actually arguably the most important one: your technology specifications. From video conference calls and digital meetups to online file sharing platforms and file hosting in the cloud, fast internet becomes essential in your new office space.

Since your remote work will rely heavily on the internet, you will want to make sure that you have the best broadband speeds available. If your current Wi-fi is not up to speed, you will constantly have to worry about glitchy video chats, or a connection being interrupted in the middle of an important business deal or eCommerce transaction. Think about switching to a different internet service provider, or buy a new Wi-fi router and create a targeted hotspot in your intended work space.

Take some time to make sure that your home internet connection is secure. When you work in an office context, you will usually log in to your business accounts and work email through a company browser, which should have more cybersecurity protections in place. Investigate easy options for shoring up your cybersecurity so you can rest assured that your business dealings will be safe and secure, even when working from home.

Customize Your Space

Working remotely allows you the great benefit of being able to customize your space. Design your space to fit your needs, from file storage to personal items. You will want to keep a clear and clean background for your video calls, and it is generally best to maintain a clutter-free work area. But the design of your workspace is up to you. If a certain color helps you stay focused, paint the walls of your work area that tone. Optimize your comfort and productivity by shopping for new office furniture, from the best ergonomic chairs to standup work desks.

The important thing about your remote working space will be to keep it separate from the rest of your home life. It may be tempting to work from your bed, the kitchen table, or the couch, but you should resist the urge to open up the work laptop in a space that is usually used for relaxing or resting. Instead, identify a targeted remote working area in your home and stick with it. Choose a separate work computer, if possible, installing a computer monitor that you use only for work-related tasks.

Enhance your productivity by welcoming in natural light. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light in the workspace can increase your productivity by up to 40%. Positioning your work from home space in an area with natural light also encourages you to follow healthy break patterns- looking up from the screen for twenty seconds every twenty minutes will greatly reduce eye strain and fatigue, leaving you energized and able to complete more tasks throughout the day. By incorporating windows- especially those with attractive views- you can remind yourself to let your eyes take the necessary breaks they will need.

Listen Carefully

While the internet will host the majority of your remote work interactions and information, the remote working environment is also a complete atmosphere. Think about the sound in your working space. What do you hear already? Is there street noise from the cars zooming past outside? Are there children in the house, playing or attending remote learning classes? Do you have dogs that bark or cats that meow? Any of these could prove distracting during the workday. So you may want to install soundproofing. Simple soundproofing panels are easy to install, or you can invest in the expertise of a soundproofing expert, who can kit out your remote working space with customized soundproofing options.

With distracting noise diminished, what kind of sounds do you want in your work atmosphere? You may want to install a speaker system, which would allow you to play soothing background music to help you stay productive and on task. Or utilize some audio frequencies- studies have shown that audio frequencies can help tune your mind towards calm, focus, and productivity.

Set your space up for optimal sound atmosphere with adjustable speakers that sync to your computer, tablet, and phone. Look into what kinds of smart tech gadgets you can incorporate into your space- by automating which kinds of music or sound play at what time of day, you can save time and work more productively. And smart tech devices that respond to voice commands, like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, can save you the hassle of getting up and down throughout the day to toggle with your remote office sound atmosphere.

Explore Your Space

While it may seem daunting at first to transition to remote working, learn to embrace the lifestyle. Find a space in your home that will suit your needs, and stick to a consistent routine. Clearing away clutter and showing up everyday will help prepare you for the tasks at hand. Have fun with your options and take your time exploring how to best customize your home working space to fulfill all your needs. 

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