Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Is Your Home Ready to Sell? Use These 7 steps for Your Open House

If you’ve decided to put your home on the market, you definitely want your home to look its best. There’s a high inventory of homes available, so buyers can be as picky as they want. So making your home stand out is critical to a fast and lucrative sale. Here are some things you need to get done around the house, presented by Jennifer Fieo.

  1. Boost the curb appeal. Making your home look perfect from the road is essential. When a person is interested in a home, he or she will do a drive-by to see what it looks like, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Mow the lawn, plant grass in the bare spots, trim the bushes and trees, sweep the walkways, plant in-season flowers, touch up the trim and paint the front door. Put some potted flowers on the front porch and do whatever needs to be done to make it beautiful from the road.
  2. Don’t forget the backyard. Clean up any dog waste, and do so continuously until the sale. Jennifer and her team recommend keeping the backyard as well-landscaped as the front. If you have a nice patio, put out pots of flowering plants to enhance it, and arrange your outdoor furniture as if you were having a garden party. If your patio furniture cushions are old and faded, replace them with bright new ones.
  3. Move stuff out. You want to take out about half of your stuff and send it to a storage facility. This might sound extreme, but the less stuff you have in your home, the more space your home appears to have. While you may be used to clutter around your home, visitors will find it off-putting and think your home doesn’t have enough space. Take about half of your clothes out of the closet and store them, too. If your closets are stuffed, it appears that there’s not enough storage.
  4. Touch up. Touch up the paint around your home and clean the walls and baseboards. Try to make it look as new or newly remodeled as possible. Fix anything that isn’t working properly, like light fixtures, broken cabinet hinges, doorknobs, floorboards, or anything that isn’t quite right.
  5. Clean, clean, clean. Your home should be spotless. Consider hiring a cleaning service to clean because strangers will see things that you hadn’t thought about. If you opt to do it yourself, remember to shine the wood floors, shampoo the carpet, get rid of pet stains and smells, dust the ceiling fans, wash the baseboards, clean out the cabinets and clear off the countertops.
  6. Let the light in. Change all your lightbulbs to the brightest you can find, open the blinds and clean the windows. The more natural light, the better. Add lamps to dark rooms and consider adding mirrors to brighten the space as well as make it feel bigger.
  7. Stage it. Make the best use of your space by staging your home. That means use furniture to make your home look like a great place to hang out. Move seating into little vignettes, away from the walls, so it looks like you’re ready for a good conversation. Having your couches and chairs up against the walls makes the room look smaller. If you have a room that’s used for storage, clean it out and make it into a home office, which is a must-have for many buyers these days as working from home becomes more and more the norm.

With just a little extra elbow grease, you can have your home ready for the market in no time. Your real estate agent will be pleased with your work and excited to sell it. Then you’ll have potential buyers oohing and aahing all over your home. Plus, all the extra cleaning and packing of your things get you ready for your move faster.

Jennifer Fieo and her team can help make sure your property stands out on the market. When you’re ready to sell your home, reach out to receive assistance from promotion to closing! (813) 494-4873

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