Realtor with RE/MAX Realty Unlimited Earns Certified DRS Agent
Designation to Assist Physicians

Jennifer Fieo, with local real estate firm RE/MAX Realty Unlimited has joined
the exclusive network of real estate professionals around the country committed
to assisting physicians with their residential real estate and relocation needs.
With the DRS Agent designation, Jennifer has clearly differentiated
herself from their peers in helping medical professionals.
Jennifer is working to partner with local hospitals, medical practices and
physician recruiters to attract physicians to our community through enhanced
services. “The DRS Agent training and resources have provided me with the
knowledge and expertise in working with the unique needs and demands of
physicians,” said Jennifer.
“Physicians can be confident that Jennifer has the necessary market
knowledge and special skills to serve their unique needs,” DRS Agent Executive
Director Daniel Frank said. “Physicians have worked hard to learn their skills,
and Jennifer provides the same diligence as a DRS Agent making her an
excellent addition to our network.”

About DRS Agent TM Network
The Certified DRS Agent designation and network are committed to serving the
real estate needs of the medical professional community through education and
marketing resources. The DRS Agent Network is the only nationwide agent
network working with medical professionals and certified with a Certified DRS
Agent designation. The designation is limited to fewer than 1% real estate
professionals nationwide, and clearly differentiates the abilities of member agents
from their peers.